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Universal mounting kit for a water or gas tank including fitting underneath the vehicle. This kit contains all the parts required to mount a tank to your vehicle. The securing strap is made from steel, housed in a plastic cover which protects the strap against damage and corrosion. The strap also has a high breaking load rating of 600kp

Assembly instructions:

This Mounting kit is suitable for mounting a water tank up to a capacity of 200 litres

  1. First tie up tank (as it should be secured later) and cut the securing strap to the required lengths.
  2. Assemble according to the diagram enclosed with the instructions.
  3. The tension of the strap can be adjusted with the screws or nuts on the screw eye.
  4. Make sure that the strap is not too tight.

The kit consists of:

  • 4 x threaded screws
  • 12 x washers
  • 8 x nuts
  • 1 x 30mm x 4.5m steel strap/tension band
  • 2 x slot screws
  • 2 x screw eyes