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Bring the heat to your campervan with the Truma 4DE diesel heater combi boiler. This combination unit is powered by diesel so it can quickly heat both your water and circulate hot air around your van.

This unit is structurally identical to the Combi 4 D. The Truma 4DE diesel heater differs in that it incorporates integrated electric heating elements, meaning it has maximum efficiency.

Depending on the required output, choose from diesel, electric or mixed mode. When running on diesel, the 4 D E is fitted with a high quality burner in order to reliably heat your vehicle quickly. On a campsite, simply switch over to electrical mode and run the heater with 230v meaning you can run the unit without using power from your vehicle battery.

We supply the Combi 4 D E diesel with the Truma iNet X control system, which is the latest generation tech from Truma. Control your unit via the easy to use, 4.3″ colour touchscreen or on the move from your mobile device.

The iNet X system will always be up to date as it can receive extensions and updates. It is service integrated, offering instructions rather than cryptic fault codes so you can keep everything running whilst out on the road.


2 in 1: Heat both your water and air in one compact unit to save valuable space and weight inside your campervan conversion.

Heat Hybrid: The Combi D 4 E features integrated electrical heating elements to heat air and water in the most quick and efficient way possible.

CP Plus and iNet X compatible: operate via either the Truma CP plus control panel or the iNet X system.

Optimum hot air distribution: Hot air is delivered through 4 outlets for quick and even warming of medium size vans.

10 litre stainless steel tank: With a water tank capacity of 10 litres, the Combi 4 D E heats hot water and air simultaneously.

Integrated pressure sensor: Automatically controls the combustion air infeed.

Automatic climate control compatibility: with a Truma air conditioner achieve ultimate automatic climate control


  • Rated heat output in diesel mode: 1000W/2000w/3000W/4000W
  • Rated heat output in electric mode: 900W/1800W
  • Rated heat output in mixed mode: max. 3800W
  • Fuel consumption: 0,1-0,4 l/h
  • Power consumption at 12v (operation of heater and water): 0,4-8,1 A
  • Power consumption at 12v (operation of water container): 0,5 A
  • Power consumption at 230v: 3,9 A/ 7,8 A
  • Water capacity: 10 litres
  • Water heating time when not running heater (from approx 15 C to 60 C): approx 20 mins
  • Water heating time when running heater (from approx 15 C to 60 C): approx 80 min
  • Weight: 16.8kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 510 x 450 x 300 mm
  • Installation dimensions (L x W x H): 540 x 500 x 350 mm