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This is a swivel plate for a Toyota Alphard passenger seat and uses a slip plate to rotate and swivel.

The swivel base locks in to place with an easy to use locking pin and it has pre-drilled holes for the fitment of standard Alphard seats.

(Suitable for vehicles up to 2008)

Powdercoated in Gloss Black to Finish.

Fitting guidelines:

Unbolt the 4 seat bolts from the runners, place the swivel where the seat was with the locking pin on top and bolt in place using countersunk bolts.

Cut the front lip of the seat runners off so the runners are level (flat), stick masking tape underneath the runners and place the seat on the swivel base and bolt the rear 2 bolts in place.

Now turn the seat far enough to be able to mark a point up through the existing holes onto the masking tape. Now take the seat back off the swivel base and turn it up side down, you can now drill the holes to match the existing holes in the swivel plate.

Re position the seat on the swivel base and bolt in place.