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This table storage kit has been designed so that the right angle mounts are be fixed to a panel in your campervan to hold one end of the table and the turnbuckle is then mounted at the opposite end of table, securing the tabletop against the panel.

Turnbuckle spacers and plates are also included to accommodate a range of thicknesses of tables (up to a maximum of 20mm).

This kit is can be supplied with one or two turnbuckles. Please choose from the options list.

The kit comprises of:

  • 2 x Right Angle Table Mounts
  • 1 x Turnbuckle
  • 1 x Turnbuckle spacer
  • 1 x Turnbuckle plate


Available in Beige, Black and Grey

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Beige Double Turnbuckle 703/1127, Beige Single Turnbuckle 703, Black Double Turnbuckle 5110/3546, Black Single Turnbuckle 5110, Grey Double Turnbuckle 3614/3544, Grey Single Turnbuckle 3614