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You can use these brackets in conjunction with our muti-rail to attach an awning to your vehicle.

Multirail awning brackets are universal meaning they can be used with a range of different vans. They are malleable so you will need to bend them to the curvature of your van.

You will need a vice or something similar to hold the brackets firmly while you bend the metal. Your aim is to create a flat vertical surface for the awning to sit on. Once you have bent the first bracket, offer it up to your multirail to check the angle is correct (there will be some tolernce here as the awning canopy can project higher or lower as required).

If you are not happy with the angle, repeat this process of bending the metal and offering up to the multirail until you are. Then bend the second multi rail in the same way, you can use your first multi rail as a guide.

When not in use, the brackets can be removed to allow use of the multi rail for Drive Away awnings etc. The brackets are compatible with the following awnings:


  • F45i
  • F45L
  • F45S


  • PW1000


  • Omnistor 2000
  • Omnistor 5102
  • Omnistor 4900

The kit consists of:

  • 2 x Black powder coated brackets with all required fixings
  • 1 x Tube of Bonding adhesive

Please note, full fitting instructions are also included. We also offer a full fitting service on all products. For a quote call us on 01246 471199 or email us at,