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The autocraft water tank backfill system allows you to quickly, and easily, fill your water tank using a standard hozelock.

Kit Contents:

– 1x 58 Litre Water Tank (Height = 200mm / Width = 300mm / Length = 1080mm)

– 1x Aluminium Bracket (suitable for trimming down to fit different vans and mounting locations)

– 1x 15mm to 3/4 BSP heavy duty hand valve (used to turn on and off water flow)

– 1x 15mm to 1/2″ adapter (used to connect to 1/2″ water pipe coming from tank)

– 1x 3/4″ male hozelock

– 2 Metres 1/2″ blue flexi water pipe

– 1 Metre 3/8″ breather pipe

– 1x 1/2″ angled water tank fitting

– 2x 1/2″ straight water tank fitting

– 4x 14-22mm jubilee clips

Benefits of the Autocraft water tank backfill system:

We have used this product on our own conversions and have not yet found a vehicle that it is not compatible with. The bracket is a universal fitting which means it can be placed anywhere suitable on your van, and you can avoid cutting a hole in the side of your van. This system can be fitted to new conversions or retrofitted to existing conversions.

As well as being easy to set up and quick to use this system also lets you use your water tank as a jet wash tank, providing your jet wash draws water. The backfill system doubles up as a water outlet so you can empty your tank when needed without installing a separate drain tap.

Assembly Instructions:

To assemble the backfill system, the 15mm to 1/2″ adapter has a push-fit fitting which simply clicks into the heavy duty hand valve. On the other end of the heavy duty hand valve is a threaded 3/4″ BSP fitting, the aluminium bracket is placed on this end and then the hozelock is screwed on tight (over the thread of the tap) to complete the kit. You can screw the hozelock on to the tap by hand but it needs to be as tight as possible, we recommend using plyers to ensure a secure and perfect seal.

To fit the water tank fittings you will need to drill holes in the desired locations of the tank, place the threaded fitting into the hole (with the seal on the outside of the tank where any seals are supplied) and then affix and tighten the bolt on the thread using the tank’s access hatch to reach the inside.

The breather inlet should be placed as high as possible on the tank. The water feed outlet, for water going into the van, should be placed as close to the bottom of the tank as possible. The water inlet should also be placed close to the bottom of the tank so that it can also be used to drain the tank.

When attaching the pipe to the water tank fittings we recommend putting the pipe into hot water first to increase its flexibility.

In order to fit the tank we recommend using our Universal Water Tank Mounting Strap Kit.