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The PC210 kit is the new upgraded version of the PC200 with either a Black Gloss or White Gloss Control Panel. This microprocessor controlled system with Graphic LCD features a control panel that can be illuminated in 12 different colours and can control the following functions: Digital clock, car battery test, services battery, internal & external temperature test, control lights, control water pump, control external light, batteries parallel relay, control 3-way fridge, protection fuses, water tank level (percentage and graphic), car battery recharging control, save service battery function.   The PC210 kit includes:

  • CBE PC210 Black touch panel
  • DS300 12v Distribution box & fuses
  • CB510 Switching battery charger
  • DS1205 RCD Consumer unit
  • Screws for waste water tank
  • 6m Cables for control panel
  • 1.5m Cables with sensors for internal temp
  • 1.5m Cables with sensors for external temp

A fresh water probe is not included but can be purchased on our website if required. Please note, you will need to select the length of the probe you require as they can not be cut to fit.