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Thanks to it’s upgraded LG compressor, the CamperCool CC50 is a highly efficient and versatile campervan fridge freezer. It is directly comparable with more expensive 12v/24v compressor fridges out there in the market and is an excellent performer out and about on the road.

Available in silver or black, the CamperCool CC50 fridge freezer makes a stylish and versatile addition to any conversion, whether it’s a campervan, motorhome, caravan, horse box or even a boat! Using the highest quality components, you can fit this unit in same space usually reserved for the Waeco Dometic CRX50 and similar models such as the Webasto Isotherm Cruise 49 or Vitrifrigo C39i safe in the knowledge that your food and drinks will be chilled to your preferred temperature ready for when you arrive at your destination.

Thanks to dual zone controls, you can chill the 41L fridge area from 0°C – 8°C and take the removable 4L freezer compartment down to -20°C or -12°C and any combination in-between.

When running, the compressor emits less than 45dB which is around the level of sitting in a library! The compressor only runs when cooling the contents of the fridge, switching off when reaching the desired temperature.

This fridge can run for around 2-3 days powered by just a standard 110 amp AGM battery, this is easily on a par with the leading brands mentioned above. For longer adventures, when combined with one of our 120W solar panels, you could enjoy between 6-8 weeks use of the fridge. It can also be powered via 240v electric hook up through your power management system.


Dual digital temperature controls and display

Highly efficient LG Compressor

Removable Freezer compartment – (can be run as just a fridge)

Large salad drawer

Door can open left or right handed

Internal shelf with 4 height levels

Bright white internal LED light

Removable door storage bins

3 mode battery protection built in as standard

Quiet operation – under 45dB when running

Average hourly power usage 12-18 w, 1-1.5amp

Efficient operation – Our 120w solar panel can run it for up to 8 weeks off-grid

Refrigerator range 0 to 8°C

Freezer range -12 to -20°C

Net weight: 14Kg


W380 x H532 x D479mm