All Fresh Water Tank Kits

Backfill System

The fresh water backfill system allows you to use a hozelock fitting, attached to any part of your van, to fill and drain your tank. Our kits include an aluminium bracket which can be altered to fit in different locations around your van, including underneath meaning you do not have to cut any holes in the side of your van. 

The backfill system can also double up as a jet wash tank (jet wash needs to have the function to draw water) so it is ideal for biking, fishing or other adventure style getaways. 

Lockable Filler Cap System

The lockable filler cap allows you to have an easy access 40mm inlet to the side of your van and comes with x2 keys. Available in black and white, this cap can be placed up high for easy day to day use. 

A separate drain tap will need to be installed in the van to empty the tank. 

Check out our listings for more information on each system.