Wind out campervan awnings allow you to extend the living space of your campervan, caravan or motorhome. Search by vehicle below to find out what size and bracket you require for your van. Permanently fitted wind out awnings offer a durable, yet simple-to-opearte solution to providing protection from the elements. All of our wind out campervan awnings include a channel so that you can attach a driveaway awning to them. If you are just looking to attach a drive away awning to your vehicle you can use a standard awning rail as a cost effective option.Multirails offer a comprehensive, well built and sleek looking channel for drive away awnings. In addition, they act as a gutter for rain, draining it off to the front and rear. They also allow the addition of a windout awning at a later date. In the case of Ford Transit Customs, a multirail needs to be fitted on the long wheel base variation to prevent the sliding door fouling on the awning. If you do not see the awning size you are looking for listed we can get quick delivery on most awnings, so get in touch either via phone (01246 471199) or email us at: NOTE: Our campervan awnings are subject to a higher delivery charge which is calculated at shipping. Alternatively, we also offer click and collect. If you are purchasing multiple awnings, please get in touch with us as we may be able to send them out cheaper.We also offer an on-site fitment service here at Autocraft Motor Caravans for just £96 including VAT.